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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wait a second...

This was the second headline and the little blurb for the story on Google news this morning. You tell me where the irony is:

Iraqi president calls for Saddam’s execution
Financial Times -49 minutes ago
By FT reporters.
Saddam Hussein has confessed to ordering executions and should be hanged “20 times”, Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s president, has said. In an interview on Iraqi television on Tuesday night...

Ummmm... Saddam ordered executions so I'm ordering his execution?
Wait no. I guess he's not actually ordering it. He's just the President. And he's just calling for it. Nevermind. That makes everything just fine. Perhaps executions are part of what helped to make the pre-privatized/pre-corporate Iraq suck as hard as it did? Eh, what do I know.
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