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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gotta Love that 2nd Amendment

I've been sick for the last two days. Looking at my watch, it's just about time to switch from Zicam and Goldenseal to NyQuil. Tomorrow, it's back to work with DayQuil. Hopefully I'm in good enough shape to get to the weekend feeling better... having already had to skip the Ponys/Spoon show last night.

In other news, what better way to sum up this country's warped priorities than with this awesome sign I saw scooting back from Silver Spring on Monday:

Drug War

What's the logic behind this one? I can only assume the sign is a result of laws being passed at different times - one of those times clearly having been when the "war on drugs" had reached its frenzy. I also have to wonder what group lobbies congress to increase the radius around a school in which guns should be allowed to be sold? Can you imagine being the slime-ball that has to try to get the 1000ft radius cut in half?

Time for the NQ!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NYC for 24 hours

This past Saturday, I went up to NYC for the Joomla! Day USA East conference at Google's offices in Manhattan.

Twitter posts can actually sum up most of the trip, so I'll summarize in some twitter-like short bursts:

Mobile gtalk broken! Can't handle bus ride without chat! Arg!

03:06 PM October 12, 2007 from txt

Being subjected to only the finest and loudest Chinese rock ballads as the Chinabus rolls into Chinatown. Makes sense!

08:14 PM October 12, 2007 from txt

Just Googled the word "Google" while inside Google's NYC offices for a nerd conference.

09:42 AM October 13, 2007 from im

checking out from my "mobile" - badass!

09:40 PM October 13, 2007 from web

Passing Baltimore on the Chinabus-massive headache not improved by the driver singing along to the same Chinese pop CD for the third time...

09:42 PM October 13, 2007 from web

As you can see, I spent most of my time twittering.

On Friday night I got a chance to catch up with DW and GW and DW's cousins. I also got a chance to meet up with MT and MK to go to one of the awesome restaurants where he's been taking pictures for Early Saturday morning was spent dealing with the subway after several beers (I wonder if what the conductor is saying has to do with me... oops.) and then waking up 4 hours later to shower and head to Chelsea for the knowledge bombs. The conference was a bit of a bust, but I did get to see Google's offices and was quite impressed. The knowledge bombs were more like knowledge BB pellets. The most I learned about Joomla! was that I already know a lot more than I think I do about Joomla!.
Right after the conference ended, I head over towards Penn station to be early for the Chinabus. With only an hour to spare, I didn't have time for anything meaningful, but ended up with just enough time to be bored and have to wander around Penn Plaza taking pictures. Oh well, I can't complain as a few good photos resulted. Two below and then more in the flickr set
Dirt Reflection

Ditmas Ave