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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The iPod Problem

To get or not to get... Apple is really good at getting people to buy things based solely on design. Seriously, this thing is amazingly good looking. But it costs $249 and is "only" 4GB. The 60GB iPod is $399. That's still steep, but it holds so many more songs for the price. The only reason to get the mini one is if you don't carry a bag when you walk or would acutally want/need 3 days of music when you go running. I would say to just get a 60GB iPod and get it over with.
I have yet to jump on the iPod train. I'm usually pretty hip with the kids. I even own the Mac Mini now and like it, but I'm just not sure if I trust the iPod. Everyone I know seems to have one that has broken. Battery replacement is apparently impossible without sending it in. Why not just pick up a Zen from Creative? Because it looks like crap compared to an iPod.
Why doesn't the iPod have an FM tuner? Because Apple has yet to figure out a way to somehow force you to synch said FM tuner with iTunes.
That's another thing. iTunes has already started to automatically shorten the filenames of my mp3s to 56 characters. This has cut off all of the song titles that I had for several different albums. Why would it cut off the end rather than the beginning?!? Do I want iTunes to start trying to synch up to my iPod and screwing up everyone of the 60GB of mp3s that I own? I think not. Rock and a hard place, I tell you.
Enough nerd talk. Must do work.


CA said...

Although iTunes will rename a lot of your shit, it will not tag it like so unless you tell it to. I have to jukeboxes on my computer: 1. Media Monkey
2. iTunes

I only use iTunes for syncing with my iPod and I tag everything with Media Monkey to insure all of my songs stay the way they should be named. iTunes is just a crappy media player. Whenever I add music to my library it is a bit of a pain because I have to add it to both players but that's the price I pay to maintain the dignity of my library...

I love you, Media Monkey,

Greg said...

When you're right, you're right. iTunes only started renaming things after I tried to rate them. This was foolish of me to do, but I only managed to screw up a few albums before I realized that it was actually changing the file names of the actual files as they're sitting on my other computer. It looks like the media monkey isn't available for macs, so I'll download it to the pc and use it to organize everything before trying to update the stupid iTunes libray.