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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bless You, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's OpEd today in the Washington Post is a sweet call to the man and America to think the hell up and a realize that drilling in Alaska is going to do only a few things:
(1) Possibly make us less reliant on foreign countries for oil by a factor of about .00000001*
(2) Make a bunch of money for Exxon and other such corporations who have just been benefited by tremedous tax reliefe and probably pay lower taxes than the average McDonald's employee.
(3) Give a bunch of jobs to people in Alaska.
(4) Pave a soon to be former national wildlife refuge with asphault.

I vote no. Granted, I live in DC and have no representation. You should encourage your representative to vote no. If one thinks about who will actually benefit from drilling in the Wildlife Refuge (isn't it amazing that we're even discussing this? It's a refuge for chrissakes), there's no logic reason to do it.

*calculations made on napkin and not "factual".

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