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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hooray for Kanye West

Props to Kanye West for this obvious adlib during tonight's nbc telethon: George Bush does not care about black people.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the story about his comments.
New York Times article here also links to the interview with NOLA mayor Ray Nagin as it outlines Bush's crappy-ass response to this disaster.
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Linds said...

Hey, Greg. I'm new at this whole "blog" thing, so, hope this is o.k. Thanks for keeping us posted on all this "jazz." It's the little things about the 'ol U.S of A that ya miss when you're abroad, ya know? Sure, you can read about the hurricane all day long, but this whole Kanye West outburst is great...crazy... crazy...! Is it true that only like, two people read it? It's funny and informative!

Greg said...

Yes. It's true that only two people read this thing. Keep your eyes peeled, I'm planning an update to the format and page layout pretty soon...
Hope you and CA are having a great time in Italy.
(the good part about only two people reading this is that I can leave personalized comments like this.)