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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Wow. This Hurricane fallout is a lot worse than I think anyone expected.
The blog is still being updated once in a while for those interested in a first hand account of what's happening at (it's very worth it) and is also staying frequently updated.
Anarchy really appears to be taking hold, and as another blog pointed out (I forget which one, otherwise I'd give credit), this hurricane struck on the 29th of the month. Welfare and unemployment checks being issued at the beginning or middle of the month, this is the worst possible time to tell people that they suddenly need to leave.
Some other news immediately available that's actually less depressing or even great:

  • Really Good: California senate passes gay marriage
  • Quasi-Good: A sweet-ass anti-war protest is scheduled for DC on Septemeber 24th. Now I'm not too into the "bring 'em home now" argument, as that would probably just lead to the downfall of Iraq, but I'm definitely a pacifist at heart (unless you don't Lego my Eggo).
  • Good: Massachusetts takes its first steps to switching over to open source, who knows, in a few years we could be like Brazil with their awesome open source-ness.
  • And finally, the FDA breaks it's promise on an "up or down vote" on the Plan B/Morning-after pill. Boooo FDA! What the hell's the matter with them? If it's available by prescription to 12 year olds, why do they say they're not sure if it should be OTC because of the effects on girls 16 and above?

    On another note, our kickball team won tonight 7 to 3.

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