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Monday, September 05, 2005

New Look/Not so New Content

That's right. The orange is gone and now things have that nice aqua-blue Citibank feel.
The old site, , was nice, but I've been meaning to make the blogger template my own for some time.
R and I had a great Labor Day weekend doing next to nothing. We watched at least four DVDs, went to dinner at a friend's on Friday night and a party on JC and SV's roof deck Saturday night. On Sunday we went up to Bethesda to visit R's mom and went out to Target to buy plastic crap. I got a new tupperware thingamagig to help organize the other gigantic tupperware thingamagig full of tools and such. Also got a new water purifier for the faucet in the kitchen.
It was the first weekend that R and I had both been off of work in a while so
we spent most of the time just hanging around the house annoying each other.
Today we had coffee, sat on the deck, came in and sat on the couch, went and got ice cream and then sat around some more. I wish I could do this every day. I think I might be a 50 year old.
Movies that we watched were:
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 1 Disc 3
Six Feet Under, Season 1 Disc 3
Before Night Falls

Sideways was good, but definitely was built-up a bit too much by all the Oscar buzz. Before Night Falls is a semi-biography of Renaldo Areinnas, that I'd highly recommend.

Some news items:
(1) Bush is a disgrace, but at least the media seems to be catching on.
(2) What's Condi doing buying shoes during a national crisis?
(3) What amazing hubris we have to ignore the help of Cuba who has volunteered supplies and doctors. They have NOTHING down there and are offering to help. By refusing them, we're essentially saying that we would rather have people die than accept the help of communists. The least we could do would be to acknowledge their offer and tell them that we have it under control.

This administration's ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

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