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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Experience: None, Donations: Several

YC pointed me to this article too (does he do anything?): Top FEMA leaders short on experience, which only makes me more angry. I thought experience was what one needed to get a job, but apparently it's just having the money to make "friends" with the administration. Also interesting when the article explains that spokeswoman for FEMA Natalie Rule "said the absence of direct experience managing emergencies is irrelevant because top managers need 'the ability to keep the organization running.'" Well someone obviously screwed up, right? Maybe they need to rethink whether these emergency-situation-experience-lacking fools also happen to be really bad at managing in general. They're basically saying "we didn't screw up because of lack of experience, but we're not going to give any reasons why people are dying a week and a half later. Peace Out."

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