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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I don't know if you've been following the Abramoff case, but something about this is finally starting to seem a bit too insane to ignore.
Just the facts ma'am:
(1) The other day, 3 men are arrested for a murder that took place in 2001.
(2) The man they killed, Boulis, had recently been involved in a business deal with Abramoff in the sale of Boulis' fleet of Casino boats, SunCruz.
(3) According to the Miami Sun-Sentinel, "[one of the suspects] and his daughter, Jennifer, were paid $145,000 by SunCruz -- then controlled by Kidan and Abramoff -- for catering and other work, according to the civil court documents."
So let's see: Abramoff buys casino boat fleet. Abramoff pays mobster for catering services in the amount of $145,000. Guy Abramoff buys boats from is killed by caterer in gangland style murder. If there was a motive, this idiot would be in jail... but wait, "The slaying of Boulis came amid bitter legal fighting over the SunCruz sale, including a physical altercation in which Kidan told police that Boulis had attacked him with a pen, drawing blood."
That should do it for this lobbyist. Now how about the other 5 million of them? (Not the sierra club lobbyists of course, but, rather, the corrupt ones who go around killing people and stealing money from native Americans.)

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