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Monday, September 12, 2005

Interesting Video/Horrible Recruitment Practices

A friend sent me an email pointing to this interesting video (8 mins), that I need to watch later.
Another friend sent this link, which is another video ([UPDATE] turns out to be a very amusing Andy Dick skit featuring some great clips of Bush demonstrating his inability to speak). I'll have to check later.
And this blog talks about recruiters working the crowd in the Astrodome to try to take advantage of the now homeless NOLA residents and convince them that going to die in the desert is a good idea. Sick, sick sick.
There was a very interesting article in Vanity Fair this past month about the insane/illegal recruitment practices that are going on for the Armed Forces right now.
I also happened upon the Daily Dose at Vanity Fair, which has lots of links to lots of time wasters. Must remember to follow some of them at home.

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