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Friday, April 20, 2007

Your Local DC 14th Street Crime Watch

At least twice a week on my way to or from work I seem to witness police arresting someone or trying to. First it was outside the FCH in a snow storm, then a week ago it was watching a bus get pulled over at 14th and S and a woman taken off in handcuffs. Yesterday, I watched as 5 police cars came flying out of Riggs and S streets to pull up in Front of Sparky's espresso cafe and start fanning out down 14th to search for something. I still haven't been able to figure out what the actual story is with their presences. All I've pieced together so far is that there was a bike that had been folded in half in the middle of the street and a lot of attention paid to this new clothing store called Redeem. Another boutique clothing store a block away called Pop was robbed about three months ago, as well. There appears to be a lot of shady activity in the two blocks around Riggs and R streets where they intersect with 14th.

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