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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nyt indlæg

That's Danish for "New Post". Blogger has automatically switched the administration interface of Ye Olde Blog over to Danish because that's where I'm logged in from. Ridiculous. We landed here in Copenhagen at something like 6am East Coast time after a 2 hour stop in Reykjavik. Our friend AP and her boyfriend AT met us at the airport and the four of us went back to their apartment to unload stuff before driving into downtown Copenhagen to take in some sites. On the way to the apartment we got a chance to stop in a local grocery store to pick up food for dinner. It's always best to visit a country where you know someone who actually lives there, because you'll get to experience things like visiting a grocery store, taking the bus and otherwise seeing the place from a bit closer to the perspective of a resident.

Once downtown, we grabbed a hot dog from a vendor and walked along the main shopping strip of Copenhagen to see what there was to see and to pick up some candy that would remind R of her childhood growing up in Sweden (I suppose that, as well as the memories, another reason was the consumption of the candy itself).

Copenhagen seems generally walkable (not to mention ridiculously bikable), but one site, the Little Mermaid statue (Den Lille Havfrue) was far enough out of the way that we had to find alternate means. We had looked into taking a tour boat that would go along the canals and stop off the water from the statue, but AT recommended that we take the bus as it was beginning to rain, a little cold and the bus was heated. I thought the bus sounded a bit lame compared to a boat, but the price was right and it was definitely rainy and cold. The "bus" turned out to be a "water bus", which is basically the public transportation version of the tourist boat, except that it makes stops on either side of the Inderhavnen and lets you get on and off as you please with only 20 minutes between rides. Even better, it costs $2 where the tourist boat costs $12. Hell yes, "water bus"!

After getting off the water bus, we meandered back to the car by an alternate route and came back to the apartment for dinner. Now it's 6:06PM EST and I'm ready for bed!


bad apologies said...

I knew you'd find a way to post. Hell yes, Nyt indlaeg!

Megan said...

Ask me how jealous I am right now?!!!!!!