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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seriously just a boring description of what I did this weekend to accompany the picture

Backyard Laptop
What a gorgeous weekend! I maximized on the weather and managed to spend 80% of the daylight outdoors on both Saturday and Sunday (ok, well, more like 50% on Saturday).
Saturday R had to work at 8am and left with me still sleeping in bed making empty offers to walk her to work, but I got up by 9 to start puttering around the house. I came up with a great idea for a new project last weekend or the week before and decided to spend most of the afternoon seeing what I could find as far as prior art. The morning was spent re-spackling a crack in the bathroom ceiling that I'd been meaning to take care of for, oh, a year or so. I also did a couple of loads of laundry in the new machine. It's quiet as a mouse, which is pretty huge given that the old one sounded like a jet engine and could be heard on the street. After I put a second load in the washer, my friend CG called to see about lunch. We grabbed something at the store and ate on the back deck so that I could hear when the dryer finished. Once CG left, I buckled down and started working on researching how to write this new program/web business idea. By the time R got home, I'd figured out that it was pretty simple to do if I knew Python, so I set about learning how to program in Python (it's supposed to be "simple", I find it insane. But that's because I don't understand a thing about Object Oriented Programming).
I got far enough into figuring out how to make the program do what I wanted to do that I haven't been separated from the macbook here since Saturday evening. On Saturday night I took it with us over to CG's so that R and he could shoot the shit and watch TV and I could sit around playing on the lappy. My nerdiness abated after Gin and Tonic #3 at which point I started to realize the finer points of "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". False.
Sunday morning I met DS for coffee for an hour or so in the sun before heading up to Bethesda to visit R's parents. Along the way to the metro after coffee we got to meet up with DK and his blanket in Dupont to say hello. Once in Bethesda and after a trip to Ikea to replace my bedside table-lamp and buy some decor for the wedding, I set up camp in the backyard with an extension cord and a few glasses of iced tea to continue the nerding. Now, here I am back at home and continuing the same before bed. I'm also excited to start a new project at work on Monday as the site I've been working on is about to wrap up. R and I leave for a wedding in Florence on Friday evening with us making stops to visit friends in Copenhagen and Amsterdam along the way. I imagine that posts will be sparse after we leave, but pictures plentiful when we get back. That's all I've got!

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