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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Day

Or is that April Fools' Day. Whatever. Google's joke is here: gmail paper, wherein Google claims to be starting a program where they will add a new Print Archive button to gmail that allows you to print any message and have it mailed to you. At first, I thought, "umm.. ok. but I have a printer." Then I clicked for more information and realized it was a joke. I'm a little embarassed at having had to click. Oh well.

Is it free?
Yes. The cost of postage is offset with the help of relevant, targeted, unobtrusive advertisements, which will appear on the back of your Gmail Paper prints in red, bold, 36 pt Helvetica. No pop-ups, no flashy animations—these are physically impossible in the paper medium.

How about attachments?
All part of the deal. Photo attachments are printed on high-quality, glossy photo paper, and secured to your Gmail Paper with a paper clip. MP3 and WAV files will not be printed. We recommend maintaining copies of your non-paper Gmail in these cases.

Is there a limit?
You can make us print one, one thousand, or one hundred thousand of your emails. It’s whatever seems reasonable to you.

But what about the environment?
Not a problem. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and thus, actually helps the environment. For every Gmail Paper we produce, the environment gets incrementally healthier.

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