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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Black Cat Makeover

I was surprised Friday morning to see a coat of white paint being applied to the black cat. "Holy Crap!" I thought, "that doesn't make any sense."
Black Cat Makeover (morning)
I was totally right that it didn't make sense, but wrong to think that this was the only coat of paint. On my way back in the afternoon, I found that it was just the primer. "Whew."
Black Cat Makeover (afternoon)
R and I took it easy last night as she had to work all day today and I was still feeling a little spent from having seen Le Loup on Monday night at dc9, Ratatat on Tuesday night at the 930 club and TV on the Radio on Wednesday night after kickball (8-0, bitches!). We went over to R's old work for a for a few drinks and then finished watching Running with Scissors, which I highly recommend.

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