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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So long blog... sort of. Take the poll.

I'm starting to play with the idea of retiring ye 'olde blog(e). I'd love to say that it's for no other reason than that the posts have gotten further apart, but the real reason is that there are people reading this who shouldn't be reading it. These people would be my former coworkers who haven't bothered to contact me since I quit two months ago, but still appear to be checking in on my blog from time to time. At first, I thought that because no one had sent an email or anything, they didn't care and weren't checking the blog anyway (this is after they'd found the blog through a scorpion link and failed to tell me they'd done so. In fact, they've never told me, I had to find out through the logs.). But tonight I went through the site logs for the first time in two months and found that I've had visitors from good old LECG as recently as April 9th:

Hi there, whichever one of you that is! Scorpion? Wonder Boy? Big Fearless? All of you? Glad to see that you're still so interested in what I'm up to! Thanks for keeping in touch! False.

I'd love to say that I don't care who reads this blog, but of course I care: that's why I don't hand out the address to just anyone that I meet. If strangers read it, fine. But isn't it creepy to think that people you saw every day would read it and not tell you that they know it exists?

So now I need to decide what to do next. I can easily set up my own blog using joomla!, or drupal, but how will I know that they won't just spend their bored hours between pointless tasks scouring the web to find it again? They're nerds. It wouldn't be that difficult for them to do. The only solution would be to password protect the new one, but that would make it impossible for anyone to get an RSS feed of posts. Although, if I were to move to a passworded site, it would be really nice to be able to talk smack about the condo association and my old job (hell even the new one) as much as I wanted...

The other option, of course, would be to just come to terms with their lurking on the site and continue to write whatever I'm going to write, knowing full well that they'll belittle and snicker at things they deem "gay" (their term, not mine).

"Hey, did you see this picture of a building? Who takes pictures of buildings? That's so gay. Let's go eat some fast food, buy some $400 puffy dress shirts with monogrammed cuffs and then work until 2am while our hair falls out."

It would also be a shame to shut the thing down now when I just discovered some of the sweet features of the sitemeter logs... like being able to tell that PG spent 17 minutes on here some day in April or that somebody from DOT is visiting all the time (hrm, I wonder who that could be...).

Maybe I'll take a vote. Thanks, polldaddy!

I'm leaning towards #4... or #3. Your thoughts? (If you can't see the poll, it might be blocked by your AdBlock Firefox extension. Haven't heard of Adblock? What the hell is the matter with you?)


fabulous fabs said...

i also have no idea who reads my blog. and the weird part is that the people that do read my blog, who i'm not that close to, know SO much more about me than i know about them. even if it's just the silly dream i had the night before, or pictures from a birthday party, it's still way more than i keep track of their lives. ahh... such is the internet. keep blogging!

Michael Harlan Turkell said...

this is why i "plog"

Pete Glow said...

Ok, now you're creeping ME out (17 minutes? really? hrm...)

But at any rate, I say keep it going. Blogs are nothing if not social commentary, and your former coworkers clearly deserve to be called out more before you throw in the towel.

Besides, I'd get bored at work. You can't have that on your conscience.