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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time? What time?

Speaking of time, all of my clocks that had chips were screwed up on Sunday. Nice work, government, with your decision to do DST early this year. Jerks.

I've been really busy with work. I was put on a project with a tight deadline (May 1st) within my first week and have been working independently and trying to manage myself while coding, which isn't so easy. It doesn't make it any easier that the site is supposed to be ready for testing on April 15th I'm supposed to attend the NTEN Technology Conference for the next three days (as well as Penguin Day all day Saturday). Oh well, I'm sure I'll find time to work in between "geek-out" sessions. I really can't complain about getting to be nerdy all day, anyway.

Speaking of nerdery, I took a look at the system monitor for the MB Pro this evening when Firefox was taking a while to boot up and noticed that one application was taking up triple the memory of all others. Usually, Firefox is the culprit for hogging memory on a mac (a problem that has been an open bug for quite some time), but, given that FF wasn't even booting, I wondered what else it might be. Lo and Behold, it was Microsoft's AutoUpdater for Microsoft O sitting around hogging up 414.99 MB of virtual memory. Leave it to Microsoft to create shitty software for a Macintosh. I put a stop to that piece of crap "toot sweet" by setting it to make me check for updates manually instead of letting it run all the time (don't worry, Meg, I set yours to do the same).

There's not much else to report. R and I are in full wedding-prep mode, but only have to spend an hour or so on specifics each week. Most of the stuff for the actual night of the reception is taken care of. Now it's just a matte of organizing events for the day after and making sure everyone is happy (easier said than done).

I'm loving the new job, but I can't wait to establish myself a bit more there so that I don't feel too self-conscious reading the news at work. The first month or two is always tough as far as being on best behavior is concerned. This isn't to say I've been working late or anything. Instead, I've been spending my time going to shows (le loup was AWESOME, btw. Some pics from the show on flickr here), running at the gym (I have an awesome blister!) and making a website and the invitation designs for the wedding. OK. Time for bed. I'll be taking the lappy with me to the conference the rest of the week, so who knows, I may have time to write.

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