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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bust at the FCH, among other things

I got out of class a little early today and, after going through my file box to throw out old pay stubs and get all my tax forms in order, I managed to get out of the house to take some pictures and wander around a bit.

The other day, I mentioned a local rumor. Well, D over at Bad Apologies knows what I'm talking about, clearly, and today I got to walk by and see a genuine plain clothes police bust right in front of yonder FCH. Not only did I get to see it, so did my camera (and, of course, the various pedestrians walking by). At my first glance, the bustee was already up against a wall and putting up a little bit of a struggle. Within moments of one of the officers (all clearly officers from their POLICE bullet proof vests) talking into a walkie-talkie on his arm, three unmarked cars pulled in off of a side-street and four more officers hopped out to assist the four already present. Now, I doubt that this bust had anything to do with the F or the H or even the C in FCH, but I thought it appropriate for one of the few police actions I've ever witnessed in the neighborhood to have taken place in front of this building. All in all, it looked like some pretty good police work. On with the photos.

Plain Clothes Police Making a Bust 1

Plain Clothes Police Making a Bust 2

Plain Clothes Police Making a Bust 3

I finished ColdFusion training today and should now be able to <cfquery>, <cfselect> and Application.cfc my way around all sorts of nifty stuff at the new job starting Monday.

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, I've definitely got some things that didn't get done around the house during my month "off" that I need to take care of. And there's always that Wii to play with...


bad apologies said...

WOW WOW WOW. That is exciting. Your constant camera skills are impressive. I'd like to get one (but that's just another decision). I think it would be funny if they were busting Fs. I think some need to get busted.

[p.s.-At first, from the initial photo, I thought they were either pulling Fs out the C Window... or maybe stealing the A/C unit. Either way amusing.]

Megan said...

ok I am so in the dark... what is the rumor behind that place?!