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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another picture of a building in my neighborhood. Sorry.

Some morning shadows on the second day of spring
Snapped this on on the way to work last week. I saw a really nerdy looking guy walking ahead of me and was dead sure that he would probably end up walking into my office. He did.
I'm trying to be good about not reading personal email, news and blogs at the new job, so haven't had much time to see new things and comment on them. CFab is in Egypt right now and has been giving some really good blog while she's there. My dad actually just got back from Cairo on Sunday after he was there for a week looking at a new university they're building. His description of the air quality there started to remind me a lot of India (speaking of which, I've really been meaning to finish that third blog entry that I never got around to... maybe tomorrow).
I'm still debating leaving the house tonight. We shall see. Enjoy the picture.

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