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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey All You Music Fans

Last week I started using one of the greatest firefox plug-ins and I've finally decided that it's blog-worthy. This is actually a greasemonkey script that puts a little playicon next to the links for any mp3s on a page. You click the icon and the mp3 starts playing. The play icon turns into a stop and you can stop whenever. Starting to play another mp3 with its icon will also stop play. This is freaking fantastic for sampling free mp3s from sites before downloading them.
Semi-excited? Here's how to get started:
[0] Use Firefox. If you're not already, stop reading my blog and go get it, then come back.
[1] Download Greasemonkey. Let it install and click the Restart Firefox link that should pop up. It should lead you back here. If it doesn't, my page is probably already your home page, so just click the thing that looks like a house.
[2] Download the Google mp3 Greasemonkey script and install it.
[3] Go to your favorite site that tends to have free mp3s. If you don't have a favorite site, check out the music blog aggregator, which links to a bagillion different music blogs and lets you know which ones have mp3s.
[4] Look for mp3s that are linked to and press your new little green arrow.

Sometimes the icons don't show up, but when they do, it makes for easy previewing.

To see more Greasemonkey scripts, check out this list of 20 must see greasemonkey add-ons.

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