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Saturday, March 17, 2007

First Week Done

Happy St. Patrick's day... whatever that's about. (Apparently St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and died in 460 A.D. Thanks, CNN headline news for that nugget of information.)

I started the new job last Monday and it's going great. Of course, the first two day were spent doing HR crap and IT training, but I was meeting with a client and starting on two projects by Wednesday and have a good feeling about the place... especially when I get to wear jeans and sneakers and it's only 5 blocks from home.

Other than that, nothing much new is going on. Went out last night for JC's job-switch party over on Capitol Hill and then ended up doing some car bombs at Buffalo Billiards. Mistake. Spent the day today up in Bethesda hanging around with R's dad while she and her mom shopped for wedding dresses. I have zero plans for tomorrow, but am supposed to play around a bit with drupal to see if I can get a site up and running for le loup, a fantastic new band that a friend of mine plays bass in.

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Pete Glow said...

In theory, car bombs WERE a mistake. But you were already in fine form before they were dropped, which your alcoholic friends thoroughly enjoyed.

Congrats on a solid first week--you seem to be among good people, from the little I know of them. We can only hope for one, just one, Scorpion-esque character to emerge though...