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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If you're local

If you're local, you know what this building is all about... or at least the rumors. I was more interested in the shadows on the wall.

20070227 - 01

I got an email this morning from my friend Rebecca who is in design school at Carnegie Mellon. Check out her website

My To Do list for the rest of the day is a mile long, including, but not limited to: taking advantage of the weather and changing the oil on the scooter; finished my taxes; getting my reimbursement for my flight to Chicago sent out; getting Apache, MySQL, PHP and ColdFusion working in harmony on the Mac; and finally resituating the A/C unit in the wall as it looks like it's tilted to the right or something. I'm also supposed to hit the gym somewhere in there... not likely.

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bad apologies said...

Oh, I TOTALLY know what that building is. We are such close neighbors! I actually spent a night staking it out, trying to figure it out. I'll have to repost my old "Faggot Crack House" entry from a long time ago. Anyway, then thanks to their fire I finally figured it out.

I know some people at CMU's design school as well. Small world!