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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February, Week 2 - All New Year's Resolutions Begin to Die

Maybe it's the cold spell hitting DC or maybe it's that I resigned from pretty much the worst job ever, but, in any case, all of my New Year's resolutions have started to take a turn for the worse. First of all, waking up at 7am to accomplish something constructive is totally insane when the condo is 40 degrees. What's that, you say? I could get up, turn on the heat, shower and then do something constructive? Hogwash. I slept in a hat last night. A hat! There's no way I'm getting out of that bed. No way, no how.
Resolution #2 was to bring my lunch to work... well, that's going to be tough next week when I don't have a work to go to.
On that job front, I have a second interview with a company that provides IT to non-profits on Thursday afternoon, but I'm also really interested in another job that's a lot more tied in to what my major was in college and could be a good launch point for grad school. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from this last one at all (but just sent my resume in on Monday evening and the job was only posted last Friday). If I get an offer from job #1, it's going to be a tough decision as whether to go with the immediate one or try to stall them and hang on for the second one.
My job search has been primarily focused on non-profits, as I'm really disgusted with the corporate world right now.

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