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Monday, February 19, 2007

When It Rains It Pours...

Just got back from the quick trip back and forth to NY and have plenty to report.
(1) I got my first job offer from the recent hunt on Friday while we were picking out linens and plates and glasses and such for the wedding. This one is with a small company that provides IT to nonprofits. It's not high-paying, but sounds rewarding, is five blocks from home and will likely let me wear jeans and a t-shirt to work for the foreseeable future. We're supposed to hash out details on Wednesday around 1pm, though, as you'll see below, I'll have reasons to try to postpone the decision by a few days.
(2) Also on Friday, after my third phone interview and one face-to-face with a recruiter, I was offered a one-year contract with Sun Microsystems, which I'm probably going to have to turn down because it's out in the middle of Ashburn, VA and would require me to commute 2 hours at least three days a week. This one pays really, really well, but I don't know a bunch of the stuff that they're asking about and don't feel like working alone at home all day. Also, I've already tried the money thing before, so maybe I'll try the no-money thing for a bit and see if I'm happy, happier or just the same.
(3) Also on Friday, I got an email from the Obama campaign expressing interest in my sweet database skillz and wanting to schedule a call for Saturday afternoon. So, on Saturday, while we were on the NJ Turnpike, I pulled over and made R drive so that I could take the call. It went really well, except for the slight misconception I had that the job would be located in DC when it actually requires me to relocate to Chicago. After thinking a bit and talking it over with R, I emailed back to say that relocation wouldn't be a problem. I will be flying out to Chicago on Wednesday afternoon (on their dime) for a face-to-face on Thursday. There are plenty of great reasons not to even consider this job like: no job security; low salary; terrible hours; and having to move to Chicago in the middle of winter... but if I really feel like I could help and that he could make it, it could definitely happen.
(4) Also on Friday, I set up an interview for tomorrow afternoon with another company that I met at the Democratic GAIN career fair at 2:30 after I go to lunch with my old manager, PF (formerly PH), from two consulting firms ago to see what her thoughts are on all of my current options. This company provides data to progressive candidates. Other than that, I'm not too sure what I'll be up to, but I definitely need to remind myself print out my references and some code samples.
(5) And finally, Also on Friday, I set up another interview at Georgetown for a position working with their databases early on Wednesday morning (OK, 9:30am. I think that's early.) From the sound of this one, the only real advantage would be tuition reimbursement. After the interview, I'll need to pick up my other suit and head to the airport where I can field a call from (1) on salary and trying to delay them from having me make a decision until I get a better read on the Obama campaign in Chicago.

It seems totally ridiculous that, after two weeks of really looking, everything had to happen on the same Friday afternoon, but I definitely can't complain. If anything, it's a huge (and, I dare say, needed) ego boost to have all of these options.

Re: the trip to NY, R and I got to:
(1) Go up to see my Dad and E for a day and a half upstate and enjoy the snow (that's the picture)
(2) Go to see my Mom for a day and a half and enjoy my old home town
(3) Go down to the city to see my friend Mike's photography exhibit and meet up with a tremendous number of people that I hadn't seen in way too long.
(4) Drive around in a sweet Volvo S40 Zipcar for a few days. (Man, can that thing fly).

Also, good news is that, because I managed to get a job offer before March 1st, I'm going to go buy the reward of a Macbook Pro that I promised myself.

Right now I need to take an audacious step and try to start and finish The Audacity of Hope, which R's dad was kind enough to let me borrow, before Thursday morning.

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