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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unemployment... not too shabby!

Mr MomToday was my second day of unemployment and so far I've only felt its sweet, sweet benefits. I've been sleeping soundly, waking up at a normal hour, eating well and enjoying life.

Having decided that without a specific regimen my life would fall quickly into chaos and/or playing the Wii all day, I've set about pretending that I have a job whose main duties include:
(1) Looking for jobs
(2) Applying to said jobs
(3) Interviewing for said jobs
(4) Complaining about how boring said jobs sound

Additionally, I'll be keeping up with my semi-normal 8am awakening time (OK. 8:15. I have to get some perks as long as I'm not receiving a pay check.) and I must be at the computer or the phone or the newspaper by 9am doing one of the first three tasks above. There's a half hour break for lunch around noon, then more of the same until 3pm when I get to walk to a local coffee shop to do more of the same but around people and using the coffee shop's heater instead of paying for my own. During the walk, if not on the blackberry accomplishing (1) through (3), I get to do (4) in my head.

Once 5:30pm hits, I'm off of non-work and allowed to do whatever I want... though, I'm not including drinking in the "whatever I want" category, as being unemployed and drinking alone while your significant other is at work is just plain wrong. (At least for the first week.)

I've been testing out my local free Wi-fi coffee houses the past two days (hitting one at 14th and U and the Love Cafe at 15th and U), but looking now at google maps, I have a bunch more to go. So far, the only thing I've learned is that I need a new laptop for this new non-job job of looking for jobs. The current one is ever so slow and old. If I get a new job that pays well, I've promised myself a new laptop... of course, then I won't need it... but far be it for me to let necessity get in the way of a new shiny device.

On the job front:
-Have an interview with Sun Microsystems tomorrow AM for what could be a great gig, except it's out in the middle of nowhere VA.
-Have another job for a semi-nonprofit that does IT for actual nonprofits where I've already gone through the interviews and am just waiting for them to check references and (fingers crossed) make an offer.
-Several other things in the works, but mostly just resumes that have been sent out and acknowledged as received.

There's obviously a lot of non-work to be done, but I'm not pressed for time and haven't gone completely stir-crazy yet, so no worries.

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