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Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Over

I'm sad that the weekend is over. I'm going to lobby congress for a 2 day work week. Seriously, why does it make sense to anyone to work more than play? Ridiculous.
I failed to give any good blog over the weekend. Saturday was spent catching up on shows that I'd missed during the week... sad, I know.
Sunday was spent getting the bedroom ready for a new floor to be put in on Tuesday and a closet on Wednesday. This mean (1) Ripping out the old closet, (2) Putting everything in the bedroom into the living room and (3) Ripping up the carpet.
I thought I could get the closet out in an hour.
It took 3.
Same goes for ripping up the carpet. Who knew there was going to be so much crap to rip out of there? After I removed a few of the screws that seemed to be attaching the closet to the wall, it still wouldn't budge. I cut a line through the caulk that was holding one side to the wall and it still wouldn't move. I started taking it apart and realized that two backing pieces on each side were glued to the wall. At first I tried running a hacksaw blade through the glue, but this wasn't going anywhere. The next step was to just rip it off with the back of a hammer. This ended up ripping off plaster and paper from the drywall. I took pictures, so maybe I'll post one when I can reach the camera again (it's currently somewhere in the living room...
After a trip to the hardware store I started patching over the holes that I'd created. I'm taking my time though and letting it dry between coats of spackle as I really don't want this to show like the not-so-maginificent job I did on the bathroom wall.
Oh well. Time for work.

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