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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Richard Pearle, You Vagabond!

I was wondering where Richard Pearle went after he and the other neocons helped to get us into this mess. I even have a Google Alert set up for his name just in case he actually pops up in the news. Looks like Maureen Dowd has noticed the same thing as she mentions Pearle in her OpEd column today:

Where on earth are those who egged on the Iraq civil war? The neoconservatives have moved on to debates about China and Iran. Richard Perle has dropped out of sight, except to pop up, as he did at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual meeting in May, to urge a military raid on Iran if it's "on the verge of a nuclear weapon."

She also mentions this gem, which I find totally predictable coming from this administration. And that, sir, is sad:
Before Mr. Bush was dragged out of Crawford this summer, he was making the case that we had to keep killing in Iraq to honor troops killed there. This week, Gen. Richard Myers offered more circular logic, warning that a U.S. defeat would invite another 9/11. The Bush administration used 9/11 as a pretext for invading Iraq and now says it can't leave for fear of spurring another 9/11.

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