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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

6music - Why Aren't You Listening

I'm switching jobs next week and will likely not be able to listen to bbc 6music all the live long day for at least two months. Thing is, though, it's OK! They have an amazing website that lets you listen to any show that's been broadcast for six days (until the next broadcast replaces it). Even more brilliant than the fact that you can relisten to shows, is that the shows are something you'd actually want to listen to. American radio, or "ClearChannel" as it's now pronounced, lacks in this area. New music here means Kelly Clarkson and other pop crap that is featured on MTV (not MTV2, mind you). 6music has new music and not-so new music and even some older music and none of it is crap. So start listening. It's free. There are no advertisements. Why wouldn't you?

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