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Saturday, October 15, 2005


No surprise here that Bush's talk with soldiers was scripted. Here's a google search on this topic. Bush's spin machine handpicked soldiers and had them practice their answers to the president during a video link "conversation" with soldiers in Iraq. Even more hilarious that the FOX news headline is Pentagon Denied Talk With Troops Was Staged. Sad that it took this long for the media to start calling Bush out on this as he's been doing it so successfully for so long with his little Town Hall meetings, etc.

"So long as I'm the president, we're never going to back down, we're never going to give in, we'll never accept anything less than total victory," Bush said.

Also, the new Jib Jab flash movie is up... It's pokes fun at Wal Mart, Consumer Culture and Outsourcing, but I really wish they could have worked in Wal Mart's unethical employment practices (see no-management-for-women, and locking-employees-inside).
Oh well, time to go help the condo association to powerwash the deck...

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