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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Considering Grad School? Changes Will Test Your Attention Span More and Vocab Less

The New York Times reports that E.T.S. will be Revamping ... [the] Graduate Entrance Exam.
The bad part, the test is going to get a lot longer at 4hrs total instead of the old 2.5hrs. The good parts:

As of next year, the test will no longer be "computer adaptive," with test-takers getting questions tailored to their performance on previous questions, so that each gets challenging questions that provide a clear picture of what they can do. Instead, every student taking the test on a particular day will get the same questions, and those questions will not be reused.
...On the new exams, the verbal reasoning section will consist of two 40-minute sections rather than one 30-minute section, and will place less emphasis on vocabulary and more on higher cognitive skills.

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