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Friday, October 14, 2005

Dear Unit #2

You've been sleeping over at your girlfriend's place all week and you left your goddamn alarm clock set to 6:38AM. I can hear it through the wall. It's the Sony Dream Machine set to the buzzer setting and it's the same alarm clock I had growing up. I hate the sound of that thing. It reminds me of being late to home room.
I've invested in an alarm clock that plays a CD of my choosing for me to wake up to. Now I'm woken up to your alarm clock about 5 minutes into my first snooze hit and it continues to go off until I leave the house to go to work.
I left late the other day and the thing was still going MREEP... MREEP... MREEP... MREEP at 9am. Maybe if it was a consistent tone I could ignore it, but that pulsing is excruciating.
I saw you on the street the other day, but you were a block away and couldn't hear me cursing at you and screaming.
I wonder if it drives the cat crazy to listen to that crap all morning.
I wonder when the thing actually shuts off. It must shut off at some point, because it's not going when I get home. God help you if you're coming in and turning it off, but then leaving it set for the next morning.
If you were an owner of your unit instead of a renter, I might even have sent a message to the condo list serv. You're a cool guy, too! Which just makes it suck even more that you've done something so stupid. I'm sure if you knew it was going off, you'd do something about it, right?
If you find your window broken and your Dream Machine Alarm A set to "Off", it was either me or units 3,4,5, or 6.
You Suck.

Yours truly,
Unit #1

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