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Sunday, May 27, 2007

"So, what, you only blog once a week now?"


Apparently that's the case.

Let's see... not too much new to report. Had a relatively easy week at work, given that everyone was off Friday except for the few of us in the office.

On Friday morning I went to an Open Coffee Club at Pete's office wherein I got to network/share/drink coffee with a bunch of folks in the tech industry, with a focus on open source. Some of the more interesting things that came out of the meeting:

  • The nonprofit world is a tad behind as far as Web 2.0 goes, but this might just be because they don't have the money to innovate and need to wait to see if new technologies catch on or not.
  • Then again, a lot of the new Open Source Software web 2.0-type stuff is relatively cheap to install.
  • Some very cool new websites to check out:
    • for web 2.0 flash geneology.
    • Tech Crunch for all the new nerdy hotness
    •, a site that takes a pessimistic approach to all the new nerdy hotness on Tech Crunch. My personal favorite.
    • - A site for printing/distributing self-made media
    • Technorati's revamped site.
    • and the fact that their search results are better than Google's.... better Google "" and find out what it's all about.

Friday night was a BBQ on the roof of Post for CS's birthday. Saturday was spent mostly in up in Bethesda digging a hole in the yard for a pond and then waking my mountain bike out of its hibernation in the shed to bring it back down to DC. It's been way too long since I went riding, but now it seems way too hot to even consider it.

I'm also working on blogging the whole DC marriage license process, which could be useful an interesting.... if there's a post above this one that means I've already begun.

All for now.

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