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Friday, May 11, 2007

Really? Is This Really What I Have to Deal With?

Another fantastic exchange w/unit # 5 on the condo board showing how to complicate an issue and have a complete lack of humor at the same time. The email speaks for itself.
My (witty) email:

I noticed that there's a retired futon out back. As the item is too
big to fit in the trash cans, Goode Trash will not pick it up with
their regular service. Instead we'd have to get a specific pick-up for
the item. We considered doing this once before and, upon
investigation, found the cost prohibitively expensive. There are a
couple of cheaper solutions that I'd recommend:
1- take it apart and fit the pieces in the cans. I have a drill with a
Phillips head attachment that would make this really easy. Just ask
and I'll let you borrow it.
2- rent a zipcar and take it to the dump. This can take a while
depending on how long the line out by the dump is, but it's always
cheaper than Our trash co.
3- illegally place your item in the dumpster of a neighborhood eatery.
(this one is less of an "option" and more of a "misdemeanor")

Again, the trash co will not pick this up. Would whoever threw it away
please do one of the options above ASAP or let me know if you would
like to pay for a Goode Trash bulk pickup and I can help arrange for

Let me know if you need help!

The response:
Thanks for the note, Greg. I do not endorse your last option of dumping the futon illegally. But I would agree with your message that owners/tenants need to make arrangements for their large, bulky trash items.

Enough already! You should not expect your neighbors to clean after you and/or foot your trash bill.

Whoever dumped the futon please make arrangements with the trash company and pay for it. In the future, I do not want to re-visit this subject. We already had enough fights over this issue with the so-called "investors."

Wow. This is my Friday.

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