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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A few quick things

(1) Reminder to self to check out Joost
(2) Reminder to self to check out RRS vs "way of the master" on ABC.
(3) A huge congratulations to Le Loup who got an exclusive write up in Pitchfork today for having been signed with Hardly Art.

Exclusive: Sub Pop's Hardly Art Signs Le Loup

You read that right: another lupine act has joined Wolf Parade and Wolf Eyes in the Sub Pop (extended) family.

Le Loup, which-- as Babelfish tells this non-French speaker-- means "The Wolf", have inked a deal with Sub Pop off-shoot Hardly Art, which will release their debut, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, this fall.

The album takes its wordy title from a lavish devotional work by Henry Darger-esque reclusive folk artist James Hampton. The DC-based septet, meanwhile, sprung from the solo work of one Sam Simkoff (banjo, keys, loop pedal), and now also includes Michael Ferguson (guitar), Nicole Keenan (keys, french horn), Dan Ryan (bass, double bass), Robert Sahm (drums), May Tabol (guitar, violin), and Jim Thomson (guitar). Pretty much everybody sings.


Nick said...

hey, i have joost invites if you need one. first impressions are that it's pretty slick. speed and quality are good, and it's going to make a pretty good substitute for people like me who don't own tvs. once they start getting more content things might get really interesting. but putting it on my work computer probably wasn't a good idea.

so yeah, let me know if you need an invite.

Greg said...

Thanks! The link on the blog actually goes to an invite page that I got from a friend of a friend. You can go there and send an invite to a different email address if you want to get Joost on another computer (I put it on mine at work first by mistake, too).