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Friday, May 18, 2007

Busy, Busy.

It's been a bit too long since a post. I've been super busy between getting caught up at work after the extended vacation and working on some side projects. I also managed to make it to the first half of two shows over the weekend (Dr. Dog at RNR on Sat and then LCD Soundsystem at 930 on Sunday). Both shows were good, but, being completely different styles of music, it's really hard to compare.

There's some real BS in the news this week that deserves a mention.

This article in Wednesday's post regarding the late-night, intensive-care-unit visit to Ashcroft to get him to sign off on domestic wire-tapping should have everyone in the country really pissed off.

Wolfowitz Resigned, which is pretty rad given that he's such an asshole. Another hawk bites the dust. First Perle drops off the face of the earth, then Rumsfeld finally leaves and now Wolfy lost the position that was handed to him by his buddy Bush. This only leaves Cheney as the last PNAC douchebag left close to the administration... I'm not satisfied.
Here's what kills me about the Wolfowitz thing: part of the mission of the World Bank is to help eliminate poverty and here Wolfowitz is increasing his girlfriend's salary from $133K a year to $193K a year between 2005 and 2007. Ummm... buddy, that money could go a lot further somewhere else.
The wikipedia article on the World Bank grabs some great tidbits as well, including this World Bank statement:
"Recognizing that any program to assist in controlling corruption worldwide needs to start with the example of best practices at home, the Bank has taken initiatives to stamp out conflicts of interest and any possible corrupt practices among its own staff."
Snap! Suck it Wolfowitz, you hypocritical SOB.

Man, all these guys are just total creeps. It's insane! Ethics violations left and right in the house and senate, spying on people, handing out raises to girlfriends, strong-arming colleagues while they're in intensive care. What's the drive behind this stuff? Is it just greed? Pride? Fear?

But really, this is all just a distraction. What happened in Iraq today? How many people were kidnapped in Nigeria? Why are Fatah troops entering Gaza with Israeli assent? What the hell in Gonzalez still doing around? (OK, that last one is a little bit of a distraction compared to the rest.)

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David said...

You're updates on the administration never cease to depress me. Stop with the reality.

That said, I listened to this American Life story yesterday about Habeas Corpus in Gitmo, and also lost my appetite: