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Sunday, February 05, 2006

See the Cartoons

If you haven't been following this story about anger over 12 sketches, originally published in September, depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, Wikipedia has some text on the subject as well as the original images.
Let's just hope I don't get a fatwah issued on me for linking to this.
I definitely understand why muslims would be angry over something like this, especially when large numbers of muslims live in countries with little separation between church and state and little religious freedom. At the same time, I can only see violence resulting from outrage over a cartoon as complete and total fanatacism at a level that I will never be able to respect.
Killing someone for blasphemy seems like such an absurd concept to Americans and Europeans and I suppose this lack of respect and understanding may be what escalates a situtation like this into violence.
Or not... I'm just rambling.
Ironic that things are now being blown up because of a cartoon depicting the prophet as a blower-up of things.

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