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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Holy Sh*t! Snow! What to do we do?

DC is busy freaking out thanks to reports that we might get 7" (count them. inches.) of snow this weekend.
Whole foods was chock full of people with lines running down all the aisles and shopping carts filled with granola and Odwalla hand squeezed juices
I braved the lines to obtain cat food, croissants and some Tropicana Orange/Pineapple juice (the stuff is delicious).
After WF I went next door to stock up on razors for the snowstorm... not really... but I did buy that new Gillette Fusion with five blades. Too bad that Gillette is still synonymous with vivisection for me. They shave bunnies and cover them in Edge shaving gel (or at least they used to). This new razor has 5 blades. Overkill, you say? Yes. Apparently, these smaller, thinner blades "reduce irritation and increase comfort." I'd like to see them reduce irritation without increasing comfort. It would seem difficult.
R and I joined a gym last weekend, which may be why I haven't typed much in ye old blog in a while. We went there an hour after breakfast and I huffed and puffed through two and half miles on the treadmill.
We came home from the gym and caught up on the Lost episode that we missed last week, as well as a few episodes of the Daily Show and Colbert Report.
After that, we went and walked around the neighborhood, as it started to snow. That's where I snapped the non-razor related photos to the right.

Not too much going on here otherwise. Listening to the testimony of Attny General Gonzalez at Congressional hearing re: wiretapping earlier this week was frustrating as hell. The guy was spinning things left and right. Basically trying to convince everyone that what was going on was legal and that it was necessary, but not answering as to why it was so necessary not to go through a secret FISA court. Ridiculous. Cheney did the same thing the next night on the New Hour with Jim Lehrer. Then the whole thwarted terrorist attack on LA three years ago was announced on Thursday or Friday. They're not even faking that the announcement of an attack thwarted was political. The logic behind the announcement is just as dangerous as it is political: Cheney stressed in his interview that public knowledge of the NSA's (Isn't it funny that the spell checker's first suggestion for "NSA's" was "Nazis"?) domestic wiretapping program was bad for national security... I can't imagine that revealing a thwarted terrorist attack is great for national security either. Given the total lack of details surrounding this supposed attack plan, I have to wonder if it was ever even very close to happening and not just something made up by Cheney et al. to try to get people to back the NSA program.
I'm not against listening in on people who are calling Al Qaida, but I am against there being no checks on the NSA for doing so (like a secret court, for example).

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