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Thursday, November 03, 2005


So here's the rumor that I heard last night:
Judith Miller had an affair with I. Lewis Libby.

That's the rumor around Washington. I was surprsed by this entirely. I realized that I don't think of characters like Miller and Libby as humans who would even have emotions, let alone the possibility of sleeping with eachother.
I wonder if the media has picked up on it.

In other news, yesterday's Washington Post had an article on Secret CIA torture facilities in Russia.
Fox News then reported on the Washington Post story, but hilariously begins their article with:

President Bush's directive that bans the torture of terror suspects applies to all prisoners, even important Al Qaeda captives being held by the CIA (search) at secret camps in overseas countries, U.S. and foreign officials say.
It's believed that such secret detention facilities have existed — or still exist — in Thailand, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and, according to a Washington Post article, at former Soviet compounds in Eastern Europe.

I don't know what the hell they're talking about when they refer to "President Bush's directive that bans" torture. I'm pretty sure that Bush is threatening to veto a bill that contains the ban on torture. Maybe there really is a presidential directive on this and Congress is trying to make it more solid law. Maybe McCain just wants publicity. Maybe there is no presidential directive and Bush is a big liar. Maybe the torture ban is buried deep within a bill that Bush wants to veto for other reasons. I prefer to think that Fox and Bush are idiots, but I'm starting to get bitter about everyone else as well.
Also, some Russian study is claiming that rats born to mothers fed on a diet of GM soy had an over 55% infant mortality rate, compared to a 9% mortality rate for those fed non-GM soy. Interesting/scary/not-sure-if-I-believe-a-press-release
And Fox News is an endless source of amusement, but here's an article showing that dogs aren't just for terrorizing suspected insurgents anymore. Apparently kids can't be trusted to the point that they're using drug-sniffing dogs in a school in LA. I'm not sure that's sending them the right message...

Ok, that's all I've got and have to get to work. To restate the news very succinctly: Judith and Scooter sitting in a tree; the CIA tortures people in Russia; Bush is a Saint per Fox news; rats like GM foods about as much as Europe does.


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