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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Picture Post

Here's a picture post that I'm attempting using Here's a picture post that I'm attempting using flock, a new pro-blog, pro-flickr, web browser than runs off of FireFox/Mozilla. Whew. Lot of linking there.
These are all photos from the recent trip to Colorado, which were previously put up on Flickr. The descriptions can be found on there as well.

Photo on FlickrThe frontside of Long's Peak as viewed from Grandpa's breakfast table through the window. We figured out that they've had that view for almost 30 years and not much has changed. We also figured out that nearly everything in his house except the contents of the fridge is older than I am.

Photo on FlickrAnother view of the back of Long's Peak, the highest in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was taken from Bear Lake as mom and I took a walk around while the GPs waited in the car. It was surprisingly warm while we were there... probably because I packed for a blizzard.

Photo on FlickrA view of the back of Long's Peak from Trail Ridge Road. The Peak is up around 14,100 ft. and the road is the highest continuous road in the world (at least according to Grandpa!)

Grandpa pointing out some mountainsGrandpa looking out at Mts. Chapin, Chaquita, Ypsilon, and Fairchild. A ranger fell and died while climbing down Ypsilon earlier this summer. It was the first time in the history of the park that an employee had been killed. Given that it opened around 1915, that's a pretty good run.

A tree in a fieldA meadow where fall river begins on its way into town. The river flooded after the Lawn Lake dam broke in 1982. Apparently my 2 year old self was in town visiting the GPs when it happened. Glad I wasn't swept up.

Clouds on our way down the canyon to the airportGoing down the canyon to the airport. the light was playing some interesing games with the clouds. Mom and I both tried to take shots of it, her in the passenger seat and me driving. I think this might be one of the ones I took, but can't really feel great taking full credit.

The flock experiment for blogging didn't work out as well as I'd hoped and I ended up having to make a lot of changes here in the blogger editor. Oh well. I've used it plenty for linking to articles and such as it has a really cool "shel" feature, but I think the picture feature will need some work or at least some better Options and Settings

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