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Sunday, November 06, 2005


My kickball team, Rambo: First Balls, is officially famous after our writeup in the Sunday Washington Post Style section. The article makes kickball seem like it's all about getting drunk and hooking up... but that's not really how I ever saw it. As far as I'm concerned, the story is unfair and should be burned.... but I'm not going to spend a $1.25 on the Sunday edition of the paper to do so.
In Kickball, Romance Gets a Sporting Chance

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sara said... links here - pretty funny. I like the irony of the article linking itself to a blog that promotes burning the paper... but yeah, not *exactly* the view of kickball I'd take. Then again, I think I probably win the prize for "person who consistently leaves the bar first," so who am I to even speculate?

In other blog-related commenting, now that I'm here: yes, two thumbs up to the new OK Go album. That was a pretty good show; wish I'd known you guys were there!