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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Watched the scientology episode of South Park last night and remembered hearing something about Beck being a Scientologist. Lo and behold, here's pseudo-article on the subject:
The Secret Life of Beck Hansen - A Guide for the Professional Journalist

As recently as 2002 Beck was reported as denying that he was a Scientologist, but in a New York Times interview that was published since this page was written (March 6, 2005, “Beck at a Certain Age”), he has publicly admitted for first time that he is a Scientologist. The writer, Arthur Lubow, questioned Beck about his involvement in Scientology and attempted unsuccessfully to elicit a comment from him about the 'continuing controversy' regarding the COS. Beck responded by fixing his eyes in the by now familiar "unwavering gaze" and detoured into a vague digression about intolerance and appreciating other cultures and ideas.

What really kills me about Scientology is the anti-gay sentiment. From the article: "They even believe homosexuality can be 'cured' by Scientology which outlaws homosexuality. Hubbard insisted that the Emotional Tone Level of a homosexual is 'covert hostility': 'they are back stabbers, each and every one.'"
If you haven't seen the episode yet, follow these simple steps:
(1) Download and install bit torrent
(2) Go to
(3) Search for episode 912 (that's season 9, episode 12)
(4) Click the links and enjoy.

See articles on the episode in the news here and even a video segment on cnn here [video alert]
*I'm not promoting the use of bittorrent... or at least promise to watch a bunch of advertisements later that you wouldn't otherwise have watched... preferrably those that were likely advertised during the show.

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