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Friday, June 01, 2007


I saw this graffiti and realized that I recognized it from somewhere. I think that it might be a Banksy, but can't really be sure. There are a few hits on Flickr to compare to that are tagged with both "Banksy" and "Rat" here, but this one looks a bit mocked up and doesn't carry the usual wit in the sign that the rat is holding.

The New Yorker just published this article in a recent issue, which, after reading, had me remembering about the Wired article on Banksy from August of 2005. I'm pretty sure I'd heard of him even before (in Adbuster's or something), but until reading the New Yorker article I hadn't even considered that he'd hit DC.

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bad apologies said...

I'm ashamed to say I had never heard of Bansky until seeing a book about him last week in Urban Outfitters. How lame when U.O. has to be window into hip.

Anyway, I like the image, regardless of who it was. I see no reason for Bansky to have to come to DC--when there are walls in Palestine to make statements on--but I do like the idea of someone doing Bansky-like graffiti here.

It simultaneously makes me miss Borf and be less impressed in him. I guess he was ripping off someone else's style, but DAMN IT he brought wimsy to our streets.

F the Logan/U Street people who were happy when he was caught. If I had a wall, I'd totally have him mark it up.