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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things to Do: Get Married. Check.

Yes. It's true. Put a big check mark next to married. R and I tied the knot on Monday at the DC Superior Court. The big party with all the family in town isn't until September, but with different nuclear family members going in and out of town over the summer, the best time to get them down to DC turned out to be this past weekend.

I'll write a longer update at some point, but this week work is literally beating me over the head with a stick as I have a pretty complicated piece of site to design by the end of the day tomorrow and don't yet have the data in place to base it on.



Pete Glow said...


(No witty subtext necessary.)

Michael Harlan Turkell said...

I'm glad she likes seltzer otherwise I would have objected. Wait, can you do that at a civil ceremony? Actually, would never have objected, you got a good head my friend. Would have started one of those 80's movie exponential slow clap things though. Clap ... ... clap ... clap .. clap . clap . clap . clap clap clap.