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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Greg's Day Off

Finally have a real day off with not even an hour of work (have only had 5 of those since Feb 1 including today). The following is what I did with the day.
I woke up around 9:27 (roughly) and puttered around a bit. I had a cup of coffee and some oatmeal and put it a move, "The Smartest Guys in the Room", a documetary about the rise and fall of Enron. I found the film informative, but cheesy. They could have used more Ken Burns photograph panning and less obvious stock footage and lame music. I'd still recommend seeing just to get a look at the people behind the scandal, but to actually get a really good idea of what happened I'll probably need to read a book... but I have enough of those lying around the house unread already.
I recently finished reading Benjamin Kunkel's book, Indecision, which I've come to learn is something very hip to have done. I'll have to thank mom for giving it to me for Christmas. I wonder if it's also hip to be given hip books by your mom. I imagine not.
I'm still trudging through the end of Trawler, by Redomond O'Hanlon. It's a book that I heard about more than a year ago when I saw Mr. O'Hanlon on the daily show. O'Hanlon is an adventure author and this one takes him on a fishing trawler in the nothern Atlantic. Sleep-deprivation is the basic theme of the book and the haphazard surroundings and fatigue of the author lends to the book itself being an exhausting read. It's a smart, funny book, but has taken me far too long to get through.
Where was I? After watching half of the Enron movie, I realized that I needed to leave to make the appointment I'd set to have my hair cut at 12:45. I scooted over the the bank to get cash for tip (feeling mildly guilty for using Citibank after just hearing that they'd been partially complicit in the whole Enron debacle), and then scooted the rest of the way up to Georgette Klinger to see my friend Kate who works there.
On my way back from the "Salon" (so lame) I ran into a bunch of traffic on Mass. Ave. It looked like there was a protest march up ahead, so I turned around and took an alternate that put me on the other side of the march. I was finally able to figure out what it was for just now: Today is the third anniversary of the Iraq invasion and 300 people gathered outside the Naval Observatory, Cheney's pad, to protest. Here's an article. How sad that I forgot and was out consuming things? How sad that there were only 300 people to protest? I like to think I would have been right there along side them if I'd known about this. These protesters need some marketing and fast.... or even just advertising. With a 66% dissapproval rating, the market is definitely already there.
Upon arriving home, I got some food and watched the end of the Enron movie.
Feeling fat and sedentary, I decided to watch an episode of "Long Way Round", which had arrived from Netflix on Friday. "Long Way Round" is a documentary that follows Ewan McGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman as they ride their motorcycles from London East, across all of the European and Asian continents, fly to Alaska and then cross the North American continent. I've now seen the first two episdoes, think it's fantastic and would recommend it to anyone. Even R find it amusing, and she hates motorcycles and driving in general.
Post-documentary episode, I went to the gym and ran two miles. Then I sat in the Sauna for a little.
After arriving home I puttered around on the internet and found this Retro Phone Handsetat Think Geek. It's awesome. You should buy one.
After R arrived home from work, we watched "The Cuckoo", a Finnish film that arrived almost a week ago and we're just getting around to seeing it. I'd recommend it as well.
Having written my day down, it seems like I watched a lot of movies and didn't do very much. That's ok, though. I've been working too much and deserved a day on the couch. Tomorrow... same thing. Brilliant!

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