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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Very Much Enjoying the Mac Mini

This thing is pretty incredible. There's plenty of software already on it, and there are plenty of sources for free software as there's a lot of Unix compatibility built in. Spent some time updating the other molt be site. Also went and got a haircut today and had my first drum lesson. Yes. I'm taking drum lessons. Don't ask. It was fun. So there.
Came home. Fooled around on the computer and took some pictures for a design gig that I have coming up. Painted over the spackling job I did in the bathroom two weeks ago and then did some of the door frame before realizing that the paint wasn't the exact same color. Oh well, guess this just means I'll be painting the entire bathroom here at some point in the near future.
Waited around for R to get out of work and downloaded some new widgets for the Mac OS. Our friend C came by on a whim and the three of us went out and ate at Thai Tanic, a very well named and moderately priced Thai place.
Ok. That's it for me. Too late for coherent thought.

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