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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Las Máquinas Secretas

The Secret Machines @ the 930 Club (8/11/05)

R and I just got back from seeing the Secret Machines [turn yer speakers down if yer clickin']. We didn't stick around to see the Kings of Leon, because we're that cool... and we have jobs and things to go to. I'm not too big of a fan of the Kings of Leon, anyway, though I did like their Holy Roller Novacaine single. Here are some quick notes on the show:
There are bands that play a show that will sound exactly like their CD and other bands that won't. The last time I saw The Secret Machines, it definitely sounded a lot more like their album. This time, as an opener not necessarily playing to their core audience and with an hour and fifteen minutes to toy with, things sounded a bit different.
Originating from Texas and now based out of NY, they opened with two songs off of their debut LP, "Now Here is Nowhere" (I believe they were the title track and Pharaoh's Daughter). Then they launched into five new tracks. The first new one sounded like the title should be Where Were You and was reminiscent of their other material, but the rest weren't as discernible and I think might likely end up as b-sides. The last of the five involved almost zero drumming (five cymbals somewhere in the middle). For a band that is so focused on their drumming (and rightfully so as their drummer kicks ass), this seemed like a bit of a mistake.
Post lack-of-drums song, the group went back to their solid material with You Are Chains, the Road Leads Where it's Led, and First Wave Intact.
None of these songs sounded straight out of the studio, but there are varying opinions on whether or not a band's performance should sound like a loud, live version of their album. I prefer a mix of the messing around and the recognizable... As lont as it doesn't drone on too long. R thought that they droned on; I liked it.
The singer (far right) missed his cue at the very beginning of their last song and blew the opening of one of the verses as well. Of course, unless you'd sat around listening to the album a bunch like a wannabe music critic, you'd never have noticed... wait a second... crap.
There was a lot of good rockin' out and I was happy to see them again. They weren't as good as the last time, but I'd definitely chalk that up to them being the opener and using the opportunity to test out new material, new sounds, etc. It was awesome to get a peek at what their new stuff is going to sound like and what they can do to stretch their old stuff when they play live.
Also, the first opener, the helio sequence, was excellent. They're another two piece drum/guitar group from Portland, OR, just like my new favorite band, viva voce, except these two aren't married... I imagine.

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