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Monday, March 17, 2008

Tough Call

I just tried to unsubscribe my email address from some spam coming from "" and this is the message that comes up after clicking "I wish to unsubscribe from all NewsMax e-mails.":

Would you like to continue to receive NewsMax News Alerts and no longer get 3rd party advertisements?

And the choices are "Yes" and "No."

If I say "Yes", I'll continue to receive these annoying emails from Newsmax, but I won't receive 3rd party emails... not that I knew I was getting those anyway.

If I say "No", I'll stop receive the ones I'm unsubscribing from, but there's a logical opportunity for me to start receiving 3rd party emails. What to do...

I clicked "No". And I hate whatever the heck NewsMax is. Shame on them.

Here's the confirmation text: We will process your subscription change request in the next 24-48 business hours and send you a confirmation of your selections.

48 business hours = 6 business days. Assholes!

1 comment:

Clint said...

Yup, I'm experiencing the same shit. These kind of e-business tactics should be illegal if they wheren't already. Newsmax is closer to a parasite than a source of news.