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Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Wrapup (about me, not the world)

For not being a long weekend, we really mashed a lot in. My weekend really started on Thursday night. It was the boss' birthday as well as one of my coworkers, so six of us went to Benihana (boss' favorite restaurant). No one would to sake-bombs with me... at first. Later I managed to convince the scorpion and DG to participate. Scorpion probably had two sips of his (no chugging), whereas DG managed to get through two of them. Good man. Afterwards we headed to The Guards for a single drink before deciding that it was full of boring old people and that we should head to The Bottom Line across from the office for a few and then up to Lucky Bar wherein I realized that it was already 10:30pm and I had work the next day.
I realized I'd had a few drinks more than I'd anticipated when I caught myself walking home in the rain with an Empanada, half of which I saved for R... it was only slightly soggy by the time I gave it to her.

Benihana - Reach

Work on Friday was completely pointless as three other people on our six person team called out sick and Scorpion and Boss were too hung over to think. After I'd left at 10:30, the rest of the team had gone on to drink far too much more and get kicked out of at least one club. Nice work fellas! Being in his hungover state and it being his birthday, Boss eschewed doing any work at forced us all to leave at 2:30pm. Before we left work, my new scanner got delivered to the office. I'll be using this device to scan in a bunch of hard copy photos to put in the slide show that will be playing during our wedding in September.
Upon getting the scanner home, I decided that the current desk positioning wasn't really optimal for the scanner. This led to me wasting the 3 extra hours that I'd gained from leaving work early in trying to untangle and retangle all of the various wires for the computer, screen, router, etc. This is very typical of what my self-diagnosed ADD brain will do with spare time.
After R got home, I showed her how to work the scanner and she started putting in some pics. After I kicked her off of the machine I worked on a new web site that I really need to finish next weekend. At around 10pm we left to go see Asobi Seksu at the Rock and Roll Hotel out on H street. As we were walking to get a cab, we found a small leather bound book on the ground a few houses down from our place. Inside there must have been fifty different credit cards. The first page was various gold and platinum cards and the rest were store-specific cards: walmart, circuit city, home depot, every other store imaginable. Seeing as we had a show to go to, we hid the booklet in the corner under someone's stoop and reminded each other to pick it up when we got back from the show.
Alley off of N and 9th facing South

The show wasn't bad. I'd never been to the "H Street Corridor" area of DC before and was really impressed by the row houses, wide streets, etc. It looks a lot like what my neighborhood looked like 7 hears ago. We had to wait in line for what would end up being a sold out show, but had bought tickets beforehand. Once we were inside we realized that our shortness was going to prohibit being able to see much of anything on the stage, so I got a drink. The crowd seemed older and less "tight black jeans" than you'd get at the Black Cat (I'm still not sure if this is a good or bad thing). While we were there I also ran into a guy who used to come into the bar I worked at in college and has since been barred from ever reentering said establishment.
After we go back from the show, R was smart enough to remember the book of cards under the stairs down the street. After we got inside, I ran the guy's name through the white pages, got his number and had R give him a call. He was ecstatic to hear from us and agreed to meet us at the Whole Foods at 9am to make the exchange.
Of course, we woke up late on Saturday and had to run to meet the guy at the store, but he gave us a $60 reward for our trouble. R attempted the polite refusal, but we accepted on the second "but I insist." We grabbed a cup of coffee and headed home to shower before going up to R's parent's house to borrow their car to go see our friend who is a hair dresser at her salon in Silver Spring.
After hair cutting, we hung around at R's parents for a while before heading back into DC. Saturday night, we went to our friend E's birthday party and were there until 1am or so.
Logan Circle Snow - 1

Sunday morning, we woke up early and went with our friends Chris and Rob out to some Best Buy in Virginia because Chris had read on the interweb that they might have Wii's for sale. Chris and I waited in line as the temperature dropped from 34 to 27, but managed to be numbers 24 and 25 and both brought home the gaming system that we'd already wasted one earlier Sunday morning trying to get. This thing is incredible. I spent a bunch of time hooking it up when we got home, getting it hooked up to the internet (it has Wi-Fi) and having it download various updates. Before I could really get into it, R and I had to head over to take a walkt hrough of a space where we're going to have our wedding. At first I was going to ditch R and make her go by herself, but I ended up being really glad that I went as it turned out to have just started snowing and I love walking around in the snow. I also managed to get the other three pictures in this post. Even better, the space looked much bigger in the daylight (we'd seen it before at night) and we were able to make a final decision of "heck, yes!". It's awesome to have that out of the way. We've also got our catering all lined up, too and with a date of Sept 1 (write it down, kids) all that's left is for me to design the save-the-date cards, invitations, send it all out, get the cake situation resolved and buy a new suit.
I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the Wii while changing laundry loads and having R get annoyed at the repetitive music of Zelda.

Logan Circle Snow - 2

"Doesn't that get irritating for you? Hearing that same sound over and over?"
"Umm... No. Maybe it's not annoying if you're the one playing it?"
R's company holiday party was at 7pm, so we started getting ready around then and took a cab over at seven-thirty. With faux-gambling, a good DJ and a (somewhat) open bar, the party was leagues better than the one my company threw. After losing all of my faux-money at poker, eating a bunch of sushi and getting hit on relentlessly by one of Rosanna's many gay coworkers, we left at around 10:30pm.
And that's that. Here I am at work. R goes on a trip to NYC next weekend with some of the girls from work and I plan on spending some quality time with the Wii. We're going to see Camera Obscura tonight at the the 930 club, so I probably won't get in an adequate amount of Wii... it's quite sad really, as this article informs me that I can probably cancel my gym membership.

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