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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Note to Self: Avoid Conventional Peaches

My Whole-Foods-Organic-Food-Loving self saw this story on nbc4 the other day while I was at the gym regarding which foods are found to absorb the largest and smallest amount of pesticides.

WASHINGTON -- Organic fruits and vegetables often cost twice as much as other produce, but now shoppers concerned about both pesticides and their budget have a new tool to help them pick and choose what's best.
Scientists for the Environmental Working Group poured over government tests on 43 popular fruits and vegetables, focusing on the pesticide loads.
They compiled two lists: one containing foods with the most pesticides and a second list of the cleanest produce.
Dirty Dozen (Foods With Most Pesticides):
  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet bell peppers

R and I are on a health kick in preparation for spending the week surrounding Thanksgiving at a wedding in the Dominican republic. I've been running four miles four days a week and watching the blisters on my feet grow. I think I need running shoes with a bigger toe-box... or just new socks... or new feet.

Also in health news, the articlue "Can a pill let you pig out with impunity?" by William Saletan in Slate Magazine, explains that a new study is showing that wine is going to make me live to be 150. Sweet!
A substance in wine, grape skins, and peanuts might protect you from the harmful effects of a fatty diet. Mice that were fed the substance, resveratrol, with a fatty diet got just as fat as mice that ate the same diet without resveratrol. But they didn't get the same heart damage, liver damage, or pre-diabetic blood changes. They also lived 15 percent longer, just like mice that ate healthier food.
more in the NYT...

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