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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yeah, yeah. I know.

OK. I'll admit it: I've been ignoring the blog. Work is busy and I've had a cold for two weeks. I've learned a few things:
(1) The NyQuil-all-night/DayQuil-all-day combination pays off in physical wellness, but melts your brain.
(2) ZiCam doesn't work if you don't take it on a strict every-three-hour basis.
(3) This cold is one of the few that has ever made me really, really hungry all the time.

I will, someday, finish the 3rd part of the India story that I started when we got back in July. Unfortnately, I've probably forgotten a bunch of the little things that happened and make trips interesting. I did carry a little notebook while we were there, so hopefully I can flip through that and remember some things.

More fun: A coworker happened sent me this link
The Ashcroft Group, LLC - Our Team, which points to the bios of those working for former Attorney General John Ashcroft's consulting firm. On nice gem is featured in the bio of David T. Ayres, Ashcroft's former chief of staff and now CEO of Ashcroft, LLC, where he touts being the "he Department of Justice's first annual 'Award for Strategic Leadership,' which was named for him. In 2004". If John Ashcroft creates an award and give it to you, it't not something you should go bragging about. Of course, neither is "Vice Admiral Allen with directing and managing the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, the most devastating natural disaster in American history" like Susan Richmond does in her bio.

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